Walk symbolizes moving from darkness into light

Carolina Network's JP Jameson of Appalachian State University was the speaker for the Ashe Suicide/Depression Awareness and Prevention Task Force (ASAP) Walk September 15.

JP talked about the frightening statistics of suicide in Ashe County, with the highest per capita in the state, double that of the state and of the nation. He talked about the severity as a public health crisis and an ongoing community health problem.

Walkers took to the streets of West Jefferson, NC to show their support for the ASAP cause.

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Website Launch

The new website for the Carolina Network for School Mental Health has launched today! Some parts of the site are still under construction, so bear with us the first couple weeks starting out to get everything settled. If you see any issues, please feel free to contact me here so I can take care of it.

We are going to rely on our members to help supply information for various sections of the site, so once people start registering, we hope to receive more information and input regarding the sections which are lacking content.

Before anything else, please take one minute and register with us so you have access to the discussion section and can receive email updates.

We need members of the Carolina Network to send any and all information regarding:

  1. Who you are - picture and brief bio (including topics such as education, past work, current association to the Carolina Network, professional/clinical/research interests, etc.)
  2. Where you work - information on the Carolina Network-associated center/institution you work in.

The discussion section is open to all registered members. This is where members can communicate any matters regarding the Carolina Network. That section is an open forum which can be accessed by the public, so please use discretion when posting.

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