The SEED Project

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The SEED Project, associated with the Carolina Network, is an interdisciplinary collaborative study between Appalachian State University, the University of South Carolina, the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, and local schools in Western North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina. The project includes ample representation from psychology, social work, psychiatry, school counseling, school administration, teachers, and trainees across the various professions. The overall aim of the SEED Project is to increase awareness and knowledge of mood disorders in middle school and high school populations, and then to effectively assess and expeditiously treat the ailments within the context of the school mental health (SMH) model using cognitive-behavioral treatment strategies.

In addition, the SEED Project endeavors to provide professional development, training and ongoing coaching to SMH trainees on interdisciplinary collaboration, family engagement, and cognitive-behavioral interventions for students presenting with mood disorders, and to evaluate the impact of professional support on trainees’ competencies in each of these areas. Moreover, the SEED Project professionals aim to assess the effectiveness, feasibility, and acceptability of the Program and disseminate the findings to the broader community of SMH clinicians and researchers for potential development and implementation on a larger scale.